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Trendco is a manufacturer and direct
importer of non-woven polypropylene
bags. We have been providing retailers
a variety of re-usable bags for their
customers convenience. Reflecting the
growing demand to reduce the amount
of non biodegradable products being
put into landfills.
  •    Re-usable Non-woven Bags
  •   Carry Out Shopping Bags/Totes
  •   Insulated Bags
  •   Wine Bags
  •   Display Racks and Sign Holders
  •   Many styles, sizes and options to  
               choose from     
  •  Contact Us for orders quantities                   
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Trendco Re-Usable Bags by trendcobags.com
Re-Usable Non-Woven Bags

Question:  How long does it         
  take for plastic grocery bags    
  to decompose?

Answer:  The commonly used     
  plastic grocery bag, made of     
  polyethylene, along with other  
  types of plastic bags will            
  never completely biodegrade.

Solution:  Stop using plastic        
  bags as much as possible.        
  Purchase a reusable bag           
  from  your local retailer or         
  bring your own reusable             
  bag when shopping
  recycle whenever possible.
Wine Bag
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